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The time trading ends on an exchange. This is important to matters like a security's closing price or closing bid. See also: Open.


The process of obtaining all necessary signatures, making all required disclosures, and collecting and disbursing all monies in order to transfer title to real estate, execute a mortgage, or both.Closings are regulated by the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act.


On a home purchase,the process of transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer,the disbursement of funds from the buyer and the lender to the seller, and the execution of all the documents associated with the sale and the loan.

On a refinance, there is no transfer of ownership, but the closing includes repayment of the old lender.

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The request for a closing agreement must be filed in accordance with Rev.
A variety of best practices and tools are available to improve the closing and reporting cycle and ensure the integrity of financial results.
The five nursing homes in one county mentioned earlier are eager to hire many of the former employees of their closing counterpart.
For more information on refinancing a home with little or no up- front money at closing, call Countrywide's Consumer Lending Division at 800-669-5850.
All tax-sharing agreements or similar arrangements with respect to or involving Company and the Subsidiaries shall be terminated prior to the Closing Date, and, after the Closing Date, Company and the Subsidiaries shall not be bound thereby or have any liability thereunder for amounts due in respect of periods prior to the Closing Date.
LSSI's closing technology includes WebDocs, a Web-based solution offering fast, compliant loan closing documents around the clock, 365 days a year.
This procedure should cause the professional to contact the title agent in order to clear these title issues to enable a smooth closing.
A final court decision is similar to a closing agreement.
There is no definite target date for a decision on the closing.
The fiscal closing process is largely a manual effort, performed under significant time pressure by overworked finance groups sitting around conference room tables making real-time decisions with hopes that they won't forget anything," said John Hagerty in the October 2006 AMR Research Alert Hyperion Partners With Movaris To Better Control Financial Close Process.
Before a closing can occur for a newly constructed building, there are two prerequisites that the sponsor (or developer) must comply with.