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So Nuveen has tried to offer support for closed-end fund vehicles over the years.
Since 2013, closed-end fund usage increased as financial advisors became significantly more likely to use such funds in clients' portfolios, according to Nuveen's 2016 Closed-End Fund Usage Study.
3 April 2014 - While financial advisors are increasingly recommending closed-end funds to their clients, a major roadblock facing advisors is a lack of investor understanding of these investment vehicles according to a survey of financial advisors by Scotland-based Aberdeen Asset Management Inc.
The municipal managed account, called First Trust Municipal Closed-End Fund Portfolio, begins with a universe of approximately 110 national municipal closed-end funds.
He was joined by his colleague Yuriy Layvand, CFA, Associate Director at Fitch, and Mariana Bush, CFA, Closed-End Funds Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities, William Meyers, Vice President at Nuveen Investments, and Steve O'Neil, CFA, Portfolio Manager at RiverNorth Capital Management.
The First Trust Composite Closed-End Fund Index is a composite index of the municipal, taxable fixed income and equity indexes which is intended to provide a capitalization weighted representation of the entire U.
The Board of Trustees have approved in principle plans to merge five tax-exempt closed-end Funds as follows: Putnam Investment Grade Municipal Trust (NYSE: PGM) and Putnam Municipal Bond Fund (NYSE: PMG) would be merged into Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust (NYSE: PMO), and Putnam High Yield Municipal Trust (NYSE: PYM) would be merged into Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust (NYSE: PMM).
Among the other principal findings of the poll, which aimed to capture current investor sentiment toward closed-end funds (CEFs) and index-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs):
Jon Chatfield is Portfolio Manager of CEFA's Hybrid Income Portfolio and is also responsible for managing Closed-End Fund Advisors, Inc.
Closed-end funds are priced at a discount to their NAV because managers of such portfolios are perceived as less responsive to profit opportunities.
Investors may learn more about closed-end funds at http://www.
This link provides fund details, monthly holdings information, daily pricing and yield information, semiannual and annual reports, and other information about Putnam closed-end funds.