clearing member

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Clearing member

A member firm of a clearing house. Each clearing member must also be a member of the exchange. Not all members of the exchange, however, are members of the clearing organization. All trades of a non-clearing member must be registered with, and eventually settled through, a clearing member.

Clearing Member

A member firm on an exchange that is also a member of a clearing house. Clearing members have access to the clearing house for the settlement of transactions. Non-member firms on an exchange must work with and through a member firm in order to settle their own transactions. See also: Clearing fee.

clearing member

A member of a clearing house. Membership in such a house permits the member firm to use it for clearing security trades.
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A large number of client positions, together comprising a substantial majority of MF Global UK Ltd open interest, were transferred to alternative clearing members at the request of customers.
Customers of SGX Clearing Members currently connect their trading systems to their Clearing Member's risk management systems for pre-trade risk checks.
With Natixis, the number of clearing members of the Lending CCP rises to six while EurexOTC Clear now has more than 40 clearing members.
Essa Kazim, the managing director and CEO said: "DFM has actively collaborated with the SCA and our clearing members to address any remarks expressed by the market participants and we have acted according to the international best practices to implement this new procedure.
It is expected to streamline payment operations for CME Clearing members.
The clearing management will conduct clearing operations and settlement of trades that are in the market for the securities to calculate the clearing members, in order to determine the net rights and obligations of each of them, and the settlement of emerging centres for deposited securities trading has, and transfer ownership, and by e-limitation," the statement said.
The RBI observed that clearing members or brokers have to maintain records of collateral transfers from a client and this was subject to inspection by SEBI/stock exchanges.
Dubai: The Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation, or DCCC, the central counter-party service provider of the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, or DGCX, on Monday announced that clearing members will now be able to settle their transactions in UAE dirhams, in addition to US dollars.
Any futures exchange is only as strong as its clearing members and so I am very happy to see a highly respected futures brokerage like Advantage join the exchange.
Clearing Members underpin all the trading activity on our market, so adding an organization of RBS's scale to their number marks a significant moment in DME's development.
sorting out the portfolios took even a few days, clearing members would
Clearing members will be called upon to deposit the remaining contributions under conditions of increased risk or to meet losses arising from clearing member default.