clearing fee

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Clearing Fee

A fee a clearing house charges for its services of handling unsettled transactions.

clearing fee

A charge assessed by a clearing house for clearing securities trades using its own facilities.
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In addition, the International Commodities Exchange of London has also appreciably lessened its trade execution and clearing fees for commodity futures and options on selected international markets.
3 Transaction-based expenses include Section 31 fees, liquidity payments and routing & clearing fees.
The additional capacity that DTCC's clearing subsidiary has built over the years in its technology infrastructure allows us to handle steadily increasing trading volumes and spikes -- while continuing to drive our clearing fees down," Donahue said.
All references to CME Group volume and rate per contract information in the text of this document exclude our non-traditional TRAKRS products, for which CME Group receives significantly lower clearing fees than other CME Group products, Swapstream products, and HuRLO products.
Calyon estimates that since 2001, its use of Phase3 to process equities, fixed income and options on one consolidated platform, has helped it recognize significant savings in annual clearing fees and IT costs, despite a ten-fold increase in transaction volumes.
35 per side, or per million currency unit, inclusive of exchange and clearing fees.
Compared to the June 2007 quarter, operating margin (excluding the Sentinel expense) expanded due to improvements in net interest margin from institutional customer assets of the former Schonfeld correspondents, and lower floor brokerage, exchange and clearing fees.
Revenues are volume driven from execution and clearing fees, matched principal spreads and interest income from client credit balance rather than proprietary trading.
By applying various conditions to incoming orders and hedging scenarios, banks gain an accurate picture of the risk-reward ratio of internalization or crossing that can be achieved, measuring economic savings generated through internalizing, including keeping the bid/ask internally and eliminating execution and clearing fees.
15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CME Group, the world's largest and most diverse exchange, announced that CME Globex(R) and clearing fees will be waived for all S&P MidCap 400(R) and E-mini(R) S&P MidCap 400 Index futures and options on futures for all market participants.
These benefits include improved float time, reduced clearing fees and a reduction in returns.

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