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To make the Work Capital Variation State, the following chart is used that shows the budgets with significant changes in the Circulating Assets and Liabilities.
With the objective of analyzing each one of the components of the Enterprise's Work Capital, beginning with the Circulating Assets and specifically the cash.
It is calculated determining the difference between the circulating asset and current liability.
As part of the circulating Asset of the enterprise the inventory is analyzed as from the amount of each one of the accountable bills that conform it, for which we begin with the characterization of the inventory system of the Cienfuegos Integral Forestry Enterprise.
The Prime Minister emphasized the need for replenishment of circulating assets of enterprises, which are not covered with the VAT: "There is no other way than the issuance of domestic republican bonds.
Small and medium enterprises mainly need circulating assets for purchase of equipment and production," Mr.
The agricultural producers can get the necessary circulating assets as budgetary loans secured by the grain at low lending rates of National Bank at 6.