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He was crying with sheer rage and eagerness as he circled back and forth for a chance to spring in.
Joan rode on among the avenues of young cocoanut-palms, saw a hornbill, followed it in its erratic flights to the high forest on the edge of the plantation, heard the cooing of wild pigeons and located them in the deeper woods, followed the fresh trail of a wild pig for a distance, circled back, and took the narrow path for the bungalow that ran through twenty acres of uncleared cane.
Thence the battle circled back over Niagara, and then suddenly the Germans, as if at a preconcerted signal, broke and dispersed, going east, west, north, and south, in open and confused flight.
Farther and farther into the little wood Bradley led the hunters, permitting them to approach ever closer; then he circled back again toward the clearing, evidently to the great delight of the Wieroos, who now followed more leisurely, awaiting the moment when they should be beyond the trees and able to use their wings.
The jet circled back over the Wirral and landed safely at 10.
His audience exploded, so he circled back to his original goal, and the response was overwhelming.
They circled back around to start a business together in the same small town, launching Spirit Hounds Distillers last fall.
The spaceship reached supersonic speeds and reached a maximum altitude of 56,000 feet before it circled back to the ground, (http://www.
Now 34, Mr Pasic spoke in English, describing how he and his mother eventually circled back to their home village and described his excitement at their return.
Most parcels of the oiled water in which the bacteria were riding circled back to the seafloor wellhead multiple times, the Navy's current data indicate.
It just missed me on its first attempt - so it circled back round for a second try but just missed again.
The course then took runners across south west Anglesey before they circled back to finish at the showground.