chartered financial consultant

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Chartered Financial Consultant

A professional certificate offered through the American College in Pennsylvania. The certification qualifies one to consult on financial matters, especially for individuals and small businesses. In order to qualify for a ChFC, one must have worked a certain number of years in the financial industry and complete eight to nine courses in income tax, insurance, employee benefits, investment, and estate planning, among others. The certification itself is awarded after an exam. See also: Certified financial planner.

chartered financial consultant (ChFC)

A professional financial planner who has completed a series of courses and examinations in subject areas such as economics, insurance, real estate, and tax shelters. The designation is awarded by the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA. Compare certified financial planner.
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For example, the Society of Financial Service Professionals has members that are estate planning attorneys, CPAs, tax attorneys, trust officers, CLUs, ChFCs, CFPs, investment people, etc.
Did not discuss the ethical pledges of ChFCs, CLUs and CFPs or the roles of employers and pension providers.
ChFCs can identify and establish specific goals and then formulate, implement and monitor a comprehensive plan to achieve those goals.
The firm has an advanced sales group with lawyers, CLUs, ChFCs and CFPs.
Trust departments, attorneys, CPas, CFPs, ChFCs and other professional advisers joyfully extend their services to clients with wealth.
CFPs tend to be generalists, while ChFCs have a leaning toward insurance expertise.
Likewise, CLUs can earn ChFCs by passing three additional courses.
Our team spans financial practitioners and legal experts including CFAs, CFPs, ChFCs, CPAs, and attorneys; content specialists utilizing a highly structured process designed to ensure accuracy; and veteran software architects and developers delivering innovative applications, infrastructure, and integration solutions.
How many CFPs, ChFCs, CFAs or finance degree graduates do these organizations employ?
Advisors with advanced education such as ChFCs, and CFP certificants are the kinds of professionals consumers should seek out," Barton adds.
Last year, the college counted 2,400 new designees as ChFCs (Chartered Financial Consultants) and about 2,200 new designees in CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter).
PWM has 16 employees including wealth managers with over 70 years of combined experience and a staff of experienced professionals counting CFPs, ChFCs, CRPCs and CPAs with a "hands on" approach to financial guidance.