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Certified financial statements, duly certified by Chartered Accountant(CA) for the past three
Financial statements that have been reviewed by an outside accountant are referred to as certified financial statements.
Investigation, mayors permit and certified financial statements, among others.
The new reality is that companies must choose between certified financial statements and confidential and privileged tax advice.
For purposes of this rule, the technical corrections will probably indicate that a restatement of previously filed and certified financial statements that occurs after June 30, 2003 does not alter the statement's status as having been filed and certified before July 1, 2003.
The Annual Meeting also saw the installation of other Institute officers as well as representatives from approximately half of TEI's 53 chapters, as well as the presentation of the Institute's certified financial statements, which reflected revenues totally more than $5 million, net revenues for the year of almost $600,000, and net assets of $4.
The old system required numerous attachments, including a safety fitness rating and certified financial statements.
This psychological resistance on the part of our customers to releasing financials prior to agreeing to lease terms puts them on an uneven playing field, since they are competing with four or five other tenants who immediately submit strong, certified financial statements with submission of their proposals.
La Stella also said his tiny engineering firm will release, over the next several weeks, certified financial statements for 1997, begin quarterly financial filings with the SEC and apply for a patent on its engine technology.
He gave the bank certified financial statements with an unqualified opinion that indicated that CM's total assets were almost $3.
ii) Where the certified financial statements set forth in (i) above are not available, then either reviewed or compiled statements from an independent accountant setting forth the aforementioned information shall be provided.
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