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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A title held often by the Chairperson of the Board, or the president. The person principally responsible for the activities of a company.

Chief Executive Officer

In a corporation, the highest ranking officer in the company. In smaller companies, the chief executive officer may be combined with the president (the second-highest officer). The CEO has the responsibility of setting the overarching goals of the company and ensuring that they are met. He/she often serves as a point person between the company's management and the board of directors. The CEO is usually a member of the board of directors himself/herself. Generally speaking, the smaller a firm is, the more day-to-day management responsibilities the CEO has.


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They advocate their points by parading highly paid CEOs in front of the media and comparing CEO compensation to that of the minimum wage workers (implicitly assuming that minimum wage workers have the same productivity levels as Chief Executives).
In the most positive case, what might be achieved between CEO and COO is the work arrangement that has come to be called "two in a box"--a situation where CEO and COO co-lead the company.
There is no evidence that physicians as a whole make better CEOs than our non-physician counterparts.
2) Section 1001 of the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002, also known as the "Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002," states a "Sense of the Senate Resolution" that CEOs should sign a corporate tax return.
CEOs are accountable for action and results, more so than any other position in the company.
More than half the super CEOS work at multinationals.
39, Owner, Chairman & CEO, Continental Basketball Association.
These characteristics are what distinguish the best CEOs from the rest and separate the companies that achieve vastly superior financial results from the average ones.
Pay for CEOs at the 30 corporations with the biggest layoffs last year rose an average 67.
Growth company CEOs continue to plan to add more jobs: 81 percent say they will add employees over the next 12 months, paralleling 80 percent in the March survey.
Mark Templeton, President and CEO, Citrix Systems, Inc.
Shareholders and management alike are justifiably incensed when high-profile CEOs spend too much time traveling, appearing on television, giving speeches or doing anything that does not pertain directly to the business at hand.