central business district

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central business district (CBD)

Typically the downtown section of a city,generally containing the finance, real estate,insurance, and legal headquarters for the city.

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We were sitting in the office above his tire service business in the Central Business District of Johannesburg, under portraits of past President Nelson Mandela and current President Thabo Mbeki, who took office in June 1999 and was re-elected last April.
Shell is one of the largest New Orleans Central Business District employers and employs more than 4,000 people in the State.
A team of eight specially trained professionals will work throughout the Central Business District, addressing quality-of-life issues such as panhandling and graffiti, serving as liaisons with street-level merchants, and complementing existing City of Pittsburgh public safety services.
The property is in the heart of downtown Indianapolis' central business district and is physically connected, via a temperature-controlled skywalk, to the 1.
The name change reflects a shift in the group's long-term focus from economic development through restoration and revitalization to economic development through marketing and advancements in the central business district.
Route 21 in Newark, New Jersey is an important highway that runs through the heart of the city's central business district providing access to the Gateways hotel complex area, Newark's Penn Station, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) and Newark's Liberty International Airport.
1000 Lafayette Boulevard's design and construction have made it one of the most appealing and prominent properties in Bridgeport's Central Business District.
in the central business district of downtown Phoenix, AZ and was 60% occupied at the time of sale.
The property is situated in the eastern-most section of the Pittsburgh Central Business District and is a local landmark.
The prestigious 219,000 square foot Class-A office building is located in the heart of Washington, DC's central business district, across Connecticut Avenue from the landmark Mayflower Hotel.
The property acquired at 2131 K Street is located in the "Golden Triangle" within the Central Business District, which is in the heart of downtown Washington D.
The lease agreement commenced on May 1, 2004 and initially encompasses eight surface lots and one garage adjacent to the Central Business District.

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