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Governor of Central Bank of Syria Adib Mayaleh said that the conference is an exceptional chance for learning from the experiences of the Syrian and Turkish bank sectors and exchanging expertise in order to bolster growth and economic cooperation between the two countries, adding that the Syrian-Turkish relations are a role model for relations between countries.
According to the new measure, the citizens have the right to go to the private banks to buy the foreign currencies for non-commercial purposes in light of the price fixed by the central bank," Governor of Central Bank of Syria Adeeb Mayaleh said.
BEIRUT: The head of the Central Bank of Syria, Adib Mayaleh, said Tuesday that the bank would draw on a $1 billion credit line from Iran in order to stabilize the pound after it plummeted to a record low against the dollar this week.
Damascus, SANA The Central Bank of Syria (CBS)on Monday set the exchange rate of the USD against the SYP at 299.
53 entities linked to the repressive policies, including the Central Bank of Syria, will continue to have their assets frozen within the EU.
The central bank of Syria is to sell dollars at black market rates.
These sanctions include among others, ban on dealing with the Central Bank of Syria, full halt of commercial deals with Syrian governmental organizations, freezing of assets of the Syrian government, and halt of all commercial dealings with the Commercial Bank of Syria.
The source from the Central Bank of Syria said that such fact refuted
In an interview with CNBC Arabiya, Ali Ahmed Al Kuwari, Executive General Manager and Chief Business Officer at Qatar National Bank, confirmed that the Board of Directors has agreed to the broader plans put forward to finalise the IPO next May, after obtaining the required approvals from the Central Bank of Syria.
Damascus, SANA- Central Bank of Syria (CBS) held on Tuesday a session for selling a quantity of 50 million USD to licensed exchange companies at SYP 296 against 1 dollar.
The government of Canada has forbidden commercial banks in the nation from dealing with the central bank of Syria.
According to previous announcements the projected bans include freezing the Central Bank of Syria (CBS)'s assets in EU countries, along with imposing a sanction on its trade of phosphates, precious metals and gems with other countries.
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