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The Censorware Project, Loudoun County, VA Censorware Lawsuit, (last modified Jan.
11, 1998, [sections] 1, at 20; Declan McCullagh, Libraries Get Censorware Along With Internet Cash (visited Sept.
For censorware providers, censorship is a business.
2 billion civil action in federal court in Los Angeles against the People's Republic of China, two Chinese software makers, and seven major computer manufacturers for misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition, copyright infringement and conspiracy in connection with their distribution of Green Dam Youth Escort, the controversial censorware program used by the Chinese government to block Chinese citizens' access to Internet sites, including political and religious sites.
In a study on the effects of the software on the Utah Education Network (UEN), a privately funded organization called Censorware pointed out several hundred instances of sites it claims were wrongly banned.