cats and dogs

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Cats and dogs

Speculative stocks with short histories of sales, earnings, and dividend payments.

Cats and Dogs

A slang term for highly speculative stocks with little history or documentation indicating likelihood of success.

cats and dogs

Speculative securities.
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Votes will be cast by the members of the Dogster and Catster communities, home to over 150,000 cats and dogs.
There are no specific criteria required regarding your pets - male and female cats and dogs of any age, colour or breed are all acceptable
About five million cats and dogs are killed every year in the U.
In another presentation, Dennis Ownby, chief of allergy and immunology at the Medical College of Georgia, described his examination of the relationship between exposure to cats and dogs during the first year of life and the risk of allergy at age 6-7 years.
Americans spend $20 billion annually on their pets, and more than 90% of pet owners take their cats and dogs to veterinarians for preventive care, according to the American Animal Hospital Association.
To cut down on the millions of impounded animals, both the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Humane Society of the United States now support the practice of neutering cats and dogs early, before the conventional age of 6 months.
Comfort Zone Promotes Positive Behavior in Cats and Dogs Using Natural Pheromone Technology
Pets are not as common a companion for single people; people who are married are much more likely to own cats and dogs than those who are not.
During recent fires, McGehee's Leona Valley kennel has taken in dozens of cats and dogs - even goats and chickens.
Conventional medicine has nothing to offer animals suffering from kidney disease, one of the top causes of death among cats and dogs.
To meet the needs of these pet-lovers, today, The Goodlife Recipe[TM] brand launches the next generation of pet food with a full line of main meals, snacks and treats for cats and dogs.