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Caption(s): High-end products, like Philips' Intelliclean, which uses Procter & Gamble's Crest toothpaste, are less vulnerable to the category killers.
Once, specialty chain retailers -- Toys "R" Us was the first category killer ever -- were thought to be ultimate survivors in the great retail shootout.
Indeed, the category killers have evolved to become total home stores as well.
This type, category killers, have become more and more important for our category.
Category killers typically are the first retailers to adopt new technologies, Buzek said.
As complete home decor destinations, category killers offer consumers everything from bedding and housewares to tabletop, lamps and area rugs, mostly at the lower to medium price points.
Category killers and supercenters - especially Home Depot and Wal-Mart - were the primary drivers of growth in 2003, when these outlets increased their POS purchases by 18 percent.
The advantage, say analysts, is the addi- tional merchandising flexibility that department store operators have to pres- ent assortments comparable in depth and breadth to emerging category killers.
com) editor-at-large Brian Cooley, will feature discussion and debate between CNET editors and executives from top consumer electronics companies, as well as a video showcase of the key emerging technologies that will be the category killers this year.
Department stores can't afford to compete on price with category killers like Best Buy and Circuit City.
And most category killers carry Laura Ashley, Di Lewis, Bill Blass, Alexander Julian and other mid-tier designers, which the stores contend are simply brands, just like Croscill or Springmaid is a brand.