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Poker novices and veteran poker players alike are invited to try out the free poker download at Titan Poker in order to win their share of the Cash Point prizes.
Both men then went to the cash point and using the card, withdrew PS100.
In the last week two such devices have been found on cash points in the Blyth and Alnwick areas of the county.
A police spokesman said the area was busy at the time with people using the store and the cash point.
So she decided to drive to a cash point in Buckley to get some.
POLICE are reminding people to be vigilant at cash points after a theft in a Northumberland town.
It is already possible to make transfers via the systems Contact and Leader with cash points in more than 150 countries.
Together with a third man, who has since fled the country, they used a device to "skim" card details at a cash point in West Wales, before using the information to obtain almost PS950 worth of goods.
Why do people who are queuing up at a cash point insist on doing so at 90 degrees to the building, thus creating a human wall across the pavement, which is almost impossible to breech?
While a gunman kept shoppers at bay, Parr and Dean Braham, 20, cut into the pounds 125,000 cash point with an angle grinder and an axe.
The Barclays cash point on High Street outstripped its nearest rival by more than pounds 100, 000 by Christmas Eve, bank bosses said.
First Direct have asked 110,000 cash point users to help stamp out fraud by making just one big withdrawal a week.