Cash management

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Cash management

Refers to the efficient management of cash in a business in order to put the cash to work more quickly and to keep the cash in applications that produce income, such as the use of lock boxes for payments.

Cash Management

1. The ability or strategy a company uses to ensure that it collects all cash owed to it. For example, cash management may involve contracting a debt collection service to retrieve what is owed by a customer, or, more simply, it may involve depositing cash into a lock box to ensure that it is not stolen.

2. See: Asset management.
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As one of the largest providers of cash management services in the United States, Fleet is continuously investing in leading edge technology that can enable clients to implement best practices in their cash management.
The alliance will enable companies with operations in both countries to access comprehensive and seamless cross-border cash management and diversified banking services through a single, lead bank.
com) is a leading provider of software solutions and services that facilitate payments, settlement and cash management by enabling businesses and their banks to electronically manage cash, process payments and transfer funds.
CIBM provides tailored financial products and services to major government, corporate and institutional clients and offers a full range of capabilities, including foreign exchange, fixed income, derivatives, risk advisory, investment banking, payments and cash management, trade services, and securities services.
In addition to retail banking, Commerce offers a diverse portfolio of commercial banking services including term loans, commercial mortgages, commercial leasing and lines of credit, and cash management services.
Despite this technology gap, almost 60 percent of respondents rank improving the accuracy of cash flow forecasting as their number one risk management goal, and Aberdeen predicts a sharp uptake in the implementation of treasury and cash management solutions in the next two years.
The BANKLINK iLINK platform is a best-in-class suite of cash management services delivered to financial institutions ranging in size from community banks to large money center financial institutions.
We are thrilled that Key Bank selected us as a provider of their multi-currency cash management services.
In addition, the remote deposit application is ideal for business clients who have multiple offices across the country to consolidate their banking relationships with Union Bank and handle cash management transactions electronically without leaving the office.
AvantGard is a leading treasury and risk management solution suite offering Internet/intranet-based currency and commodity trading and risk management, order-to-cash management, cash management and accounting within a single environment.
We do all this with a staff of seven in the treasury management department: the director of treasury operations, the manager of cash and banking, the manager of cash operations, the controller (in Delaware), a cash management analyst (in Delaware), and two clerical assistants, one for cash operations and one for cash management.