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It made major changes in funding of defined contribution and cash balance pension plans, and lots more.
401(k) plans, increased deduction limits, more frequent reporting and disclosure statements, broadened portability, cash balance pension plans and changes to fiduciary rules governing investment advice.
With the evolution of cash balance pension plans, companies that acquire others with more tradition al plans face risks when plans are converted to cash balance or diverted for other corporate uses.
Power, 2003, Determinants of Firms That Convert to Cash Balance Pension Plans, Working Paper, Iowa State University, August.
19, 2000, FEI's Committee on Benefits Finance (CBF), the technical committee that formulates FEI policy on matters pertaining to the design, implementation, financing and administration of employee compensation, pension and healthcare plans, responded to the Internal Revenue Service's request for comments on cash balance pension plans.
In recent years, cash balance pension plans have become increasingly popular among businesses and other organizations with traditional defined benefit pension plans.
In fact, recent IRS guidance providing more clarity on cash balance pension plans will likely pave the way for employers to evaluate them as a desirable retirement plan option.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Business Insurance magazine is sponsoring a free and live audio webinar on Tuesday, October 17, at 11:00 am EDT to discuss the future of cash balance pension plans in the U.
Legal and Legislative Challenges to Cash Balance Pension Plans
The House passed an amendment to the Treasury Department appropriations bill for fiscal 2004 that prohibits the department from publishing final rules on cash balance pension plans, which have been avidly sought by U.
Examples of such plans include cash balance pension plans, combination plans, minimum balance pension plans, arid life cycle plans.