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Here was the cash account, showing how the money had been spent.
CRISTAL will support SGSS Payment Bank operations in T2S, managing proprietary cash accounts and auto-collateralisation with Central Banks as well as clients cash accounts and intraday credit positions.
Larger Funds transact between many DVP and standard Cash accounts at numerous brokerage/underwriting firms in order to maximize share allocations of public offerings, while smaller Syndicate Funds rely solely on Cash accounts.
Financial executives often consider liquidity as a major investment objective for their excess cash accounts.
The country's biggest savings bank and mortgage lender was responding to criticism of a pilot scheme aimed at encouraging those with basic Card Cash accounts to use cash machines, the telephone and the internet for transactions.
ISAs are simple tax-free wrappers which give you the chance to put your money into instant-access cash accounts, shares, unit trusts or life insurance plans and collect the interest, divis and profits free of all tax.
These included encryption, operations security, cash accounts security, employee training, and firewalls.
From a customer standpoint there is no change in the status of the cash accounts, as for other policies, everything is subject to review," he said.
In advance of the record date, Terra Nova advises holders of its securities to move these securities into accounts which do not permit the lending of securities, so called cash accounts or segregated accounts, and out of accounts that permit the lending of securities, such as margin accounts.
Regulation T requires that customers trading in cash accounts make full cash payment for each separate purchase without regard to unsettled proceeds of any securities sold.
The audit revealed a systematic problem involving the poor accounting and monitoring of petty cash accounts totaling as much as $7 million.
ex24 offers only cash accounts to its investors; margin accounts are not currently offered.