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Point Carib, which is an extension on the "Grand Bay", is also important for fishing and trading of goods by sea.
Unlike the Caribs, and more typically West African, they spoke other languages with facility, and besides Carib and Arawak and a wide range of African tongues, knew French fluently, as well as English, Spanish, and Dutch in consequence of having been enslaved by Europeans.
The historical moment when the Caribs are invaded is transfigured through myth to illuminate the freedom and evolution also present in that cross-cultural encounter as Couvade, the ritual dream of the Caribs, crosses the "bridge of relationships" to become an imaginative resource for the future Caribbean.
The Carib people call their mother island Waitukubuli, meaning `Old and Tall is Her Body'.
If BHP discovers a significant ore deposit in Dominica, he says, then it would be possible to weigh the potential benefits and risks, including environmental dangers and threats to the Caribs.
Thunder's mother Willive and great-aunt Mamag take the boy to visit Carib in an effort to remedy his fear of thunder.
The nomadic, ferocious Caribs were forced to be warlike, Kirby explains, since they were constantly on the move and had to protect themselves from European forces at a moment's notice.
This electrifying discovery stereotyped the Caribs as savages from that moment on, but did so unfairly.
The geographical pattern is echoed in history as the islands, which were inhabited previously by the Caribs.
Foraging and territory economics of sexually dimorphic Purple-throated Caribs (Eulampis jugularis) on three heliconia morphs.
His obsession with the Carib language is indeed coterminous with his desire to possess the soul of the native.
75): Award-winning Handsworth Songs was shot in Birmingham in the riots of 1985; Forward Ever Backward Never is a film with director Pogus Caesar and Birmingham-based actors of African and Caribbean descent, commissioned to produce a film inspired by Steve McQueen's Caribs.