capital market

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Capital market

Traditionally, this has referred to the market for trading long-term debt instruments (those that mature in more than one year). That is, the market where capital is raised. More recently, capital markets is used in a more general context to refer to the market for stocks, bonds, derivatives and other investments.

Capital Market

Any market in which securities are traded. Capital markets include the stock and bond markets. Companies and governments use capital markets to raise funds for their operations; for example, a company may issue an IPO while a government may issue a bond in order to conduct new or expand ongoing activities. Investors purchase securities in the capital markets in order to extract a return and earn profit on the securities. Capital markets include primary markets, such as IPOs that are placed with investors through underwriters, and secondary markets, in which all subsequent trading takes place. Government agencies in different countries regulate local capital markets, though some, especially exchanges, play some role in regulating themselves.

capital market

The market for long-term funds where securities such as common stock, preferred stock, and bonds are traded. Both the primary market for new issues and the secondary market for existing securities are part of the capital market.

capital market


capital market

the market for long-term company LOAN CAPITAL and SHARE CAPITAL and government BONDS. The capital market together with the MONEY MARKET (which provides short-term funds) are the main sources of external finance to industry and government. The financial institutions involved in the capital market include the CENTRAL BANK, COMMERCIAL BANKS, the saving-investing institutions (INSURANCE COMPANIES, PENSION FUNDS, UNIT TRUSTS and INVESTMENT TRUST COMPANIES), ISSUING HOUSES and MERCHANT BANKS.

New share capital is most frequently raised through issuing houses or merchant banks, which arrange for the sale of shares on behalf of client companies. Shares can be issued in a variety of ways, including: directly to the general public by way of an ‘offer for sale’ (or an ‘introduction’) at a prearranged fixed price; an ‘offer for sale by TENDER’, where the issue price is determined by averaging out the bid prices offered by prospective purchasers of the share subject to a minimum price bid; a RIGHTS ISSUE of shares to existing shareholders at a fixed price; a placing of the shares at an arranged price with selected investors, often institutional investors. See STOCK EXCHANGE.

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