capital goods

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Capital goods

Goods used by firms to produce other goods, e.g., office buildings, machinery, equipment.

Capital Goods

Goods that are used to create other goods that can be sold to customers. Examples include fixed assets like factories and current assets like raw material to make a product. Capital goods are an important concept in Marxist economics where it refers to any means of production. See also: Consumer Goods.

capital goods

the long-lasting durable goods, such as machine tools and furnaces, that are used as FACTOR INPUTS in the production of other products, as opposed to being sold directly to consumers. See CAPITAL, CONSUMER GOODS, PRODUCER GOODS.
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The capital good has a "common value" that is exceeded by the winning bid.
78% Intend to Acquire Capital Goods Within the Next 6 to 18 Months
What adjustments are necessary if I sell a capital good during its VAT-life?
NEW YORK & LONDON & FRANKFURT, Germany -- Jefferies today announced the appointment of Thomas Fetzer as a Managing Director in the Global Industrials Group responsible for coverage of capital goods clients across Germany and Central Europe.
Following a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), the government said : "This scheme, on its implementation, would attempt to make the Indian capital goods sector globally competitive.
The decline in orders for both durable and capital goods suggested manufacturing will probably not bounce back as quickly as many economists had expected after hitting a speed bump early in the year.
Our systems and supplier relationships reduce the cost of procurement administration, reduce the cost of capital goods and MRO goods and services, and shorten delivery schedules.
Excluding computers, imports of capital goods rose 8 percent, led by semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, business equipment, and aircraft (including engines and parts).
The global Capital Goods market is forecast to generate total revenue of $324.
The government has proposed a long- term, stable and rationalised tax and duty structure to promote the capital goods sector, one of the vital cogs to realise the vision of ' Make in India'.
The sole jarring note in the report was the decline in orders for non-military capital goods.