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2) observed a polyclonal-like increase in the [beta]/[gamma]-region on CZE in patients treated with Gelofusine.
CZE revealed a peak in the middle of the [beta] fraction, corresponding to the location of the abnormal peak in the patient (Figs.
CZE was performed on a P/ACE MDQ capillary electropherograph (Beckman Coulter) with uncoated fusedsilica capillaries [50 cm (total length) x 50 [micro]m (i.
The CZE electropherogram [Paragon 2000 (software version 1.
We did, however, find significant differences between heavy and moderate drinkers for disialo-Tf as measured by CZE {mean (SD), 0.
Interference of iodinated radio-opaque contrast agents in CZE analysis of serum proteins has been described, with abnormal peaks in the [[alpha].
CZE analysis of the treated sample revealed a monoclonal gammopathy (Fig.
Precipitation was induced by cooling for 15 min in an ice bath, after which samples were centrifuged at 1100g and the supernatant was removed for subsequent CZE analysis.
We first evaluated the in vitro effects of the plasma substitutes by mixing equal volumes of the solutions (or phosphate-buffered saline for controls) with normal serum for CZE analysis.
To address the question of whether the upgrade increased resolution of previously unresolved M-proteins, we reanalyzed four sera that we described to contain a M-protein that could be separated by AGE but not by CZE (2).