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Cost per Thousand

In online advertising, the measurement of cost paid by an advertiser per 1,000 impressions of its advertisement. One impression is one view of the advertisement by a website viewer. Many websites, especially those with high traffic, charge advertisers on a per 1,000 impression basis. It differs from a cost per click scheme, in that the viewer does not have to click on the ad in order for the advertiser to be charged.


See Certified Property Manager.

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It was never intended to be an adoption," he said of CPM.
The eight- time CPM legislator was later admitted to a private hospital.
Third, the Release states that a company should avoid establishing a price using the CPM approach without ensuring that the price that was established represents an arm's-length price.
For more information or a preliminary copy of the WebCosts Leading 15 Index and the WebCosts Composite CPM Index, contact Ben Jaffe at ben@dukaspr.
With four mergers in two years, approximately R$ 1 billion in revenue in 2008, and more than 5,400 employees, CPM Braxis has emerged as a serious player in the global IT services market.
Technology research and advisory firm The Gartner Group defines CPM as "an umbrella term to describe the methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise.
Apart from Microsoft([R]) Excel migrations to SAP BPC, CPM has made considerable progress in supporting migration from Hyperion and BCS legacy systems," said Samir Neji, Managing Director, CPM Consulting.
The Left's woes this time began after the CPM and the CPI locked horns over the Ponnani seat.
The hiring of Jose Luiz, one of the most experienced and admired IT professionals in the world, is a major coup for CPM Braxis.
Day CPM, a construction management firm, announced today that it is dissolving its corporate relationship with Mahlum Architects.