Cost-of-Savings Index

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Cost-of-Savings Index (COSI)

One of many interest rate indexes used to determine interest rate adjustments on an adjustable rate mortgage.

See Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)/ARM Rate Indexes.

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Under the temporary regulations, a distribution was taken into account for purposes of the COSI requirement, if it were made "in connection with" a potential reorganization.
The COSI requirement is satisfied because B's proprietary interest in T was preserved in the reorgatization.
Championsweretrained using atailor-made COSI Lean'toolbox'consisting of four-hourinteractiveworkshops,seven classroom sessions and particularlessonsand work-based projects.
Although a pre-reorganization COSI requirement had long been part of the Service's ruling policy, it has not previously been an explicit part of the regulations.
Under the proposed rule, such a distribution (depending on the amount) could cause the putative reorganization to fail the COSI requirement.
This system does everything we ever wanted a planetarium to do or wished it could do, said Kate Storm, Director of Theaters, COSI.
In addition to the robust real time show production capabilities of Digistar 5, the brightness of the D4K2560 projector was essential to the COSI project because they wanted a stunning system to generate buzz, draw visitors and make a statement, said Michael Daut, Director of Show Production/Marketing, Evans & Sutherland.
The final regulations now confirm that Target shareholders can sell Acquiror stock received in the reorganization third parties shortly after receiving it without causing the reorganization to fail to satisfy the COSI requirement.
For instance, the subsequent redemption of target shareholders by an acquiring corporation or a party related to the acquiring corporation as part of a pre-arranged plan would prevent the COSI requirement from being satisfied.
The COSI payload is flying on the SPB test flight as a mission of opportunity.
Dourney then addressed Cosis operating strategy for 2016, stating, We made requisite adjustments to our operating strategy in the latter half of 2015 and made the right choices, which allowed us to enter 2016 with the strong momentum we are seeing.