computer-integrated manufacturing

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computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM)

the use of COMPUTERS to integrate all facets of PRODUCTION planning and control, including product design, factory layout planning, production scheduling and stock control. See COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, COMPUTER-AIDED MANUFACTURING.
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Stephanie continues: "I personally feel CIM courses are the best marketing courses local people can do.
Closing of the CIM private placement was completed on December 31, 2012.
The Guide apply if the parties to the contract of carriage (shippers and carriers) have agreed to use the uniform consignment note CIM / SMGS model and contains the consignment note CIM / SMGS and explanations on its application, being an alternative to the classic transport with retranscription of SMGS consignment note on CIM consignment note or CIM consignment note on SMGS consignment note at the redispatch place (1).
The CIM executive plans to step up advertising to college students in an effort to get more of them out to the meetings.
An intermediate solution could be to retain relational models and storage and implement only a CIM compliant data exchange layer.
Andrea Westerinen, VP of Technology and Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), commented that the recent CIM 2.
To truly use CIM effectively, companies must treat data as a product with enormous benefit or consequence for end users.
We plan on using CIM products with both new and experienced employees to continue to improve our skills with Cisco equipment.
Both CIM suppliers explain that mysterious process interruptions may be rooted ultimately in low-visibility factors such as tower water temperature, plant humidity, and auxiliary-equipment functions.
During the past ten years, many US manufacturers have accepted and implemented CIM into their manufacturing process.
CIM Mortgage Trust (CMMT) said it has originated and placed a USD68 million loan with the intent to fund acquisitions and repositionings of four Miami, Florida properties.