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Dissuasion: "And therefore, favor weapons because they are not as contrary to peace as they may seem, contrarily they protect peace as the dogs protect the sheep, although they may seem their foes" (Part I, chap.
It's unfair that chaps who spend most of their time filling their pipes, pressing their trousers and mixing dry Martinis don't get a chance to compete," he told AFP.
CHAP also acts as a neutral convener of meetings with community stakeholders (some of whom had never met together) to address systemic issues.
Chap Stick's base business and its new FlavaCraze contributed the bulk of the increased household penetration.
8220;We are very pleased that Hope Hospice chose CHAP accreditation,” Terry A.
I have known this chap since I was a kid and I'm 71 now (I think he wore the same jacket then).
So the chap goes back downstairs and opens the door and shouts out into the dark, "Do you still want a push?
The barbecue bought, set up and lit, The garden full of smoke, The old chap he coughed and spluttered, And then began to choke.
Gustav and Vic, respectively a free lance journalist and an artist in their former lives,decided to create The Chap after a chance meeting in the death throes of the last century when they discovered a shared interest in the social mores,clothes,music and literature of England in the 1920s and 30s.
But the categorical distinction in Kunzle's title, "Criminal to Courtier," itself does violence to the complex and shifting (see Rubens, chap.
iSCSI standards mandate support for CHAP authentication in iSCSI products.
While one of the main criticisms often leveled at network studies has to do with their cross-sectional research designs (Knoke, chap.