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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

An experienced financial analyst who has passed examinations in economics, financial accounting, portfolio management, security analysis, and standards of conduct given by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts.

Chartered Financial Analyst

A professional certificate offered through the CFA Institute. The certification qualifies one to be a financial analyst. In order to qualify for a CFA, one must have worked a certain number of years in the financial industry and complete three tiers of exams on accounting, money management, economics, security analysis, and ethics.


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The CFA Program curriculum includes ethical and professional standards; financial reporting and analysis; corporate finance; economics; quantitative methods; equity, fixed income, alternative investments; derivatives; portfolio management; and wealth planning.
Yang, CFA (Japan) - chief investment officer, T&D Asset Management Company, Ltd.
Recent events have shown that the relevance of an internationally recognized designation as a barometer of good practice has never been clearer or stronger, with national governments and the global business community increasingly seeing the need for qualifications, such as the CFA Program, to provide a clear set of standards and principles for financial markets,' Mehta added.
But there was, and has always been, a dark side to this linkage: Sadly for Africa, pivotal to this arrangement is that each CFA central bank must keep at least 65% of its foreign exchange reserves in an "operations account" with the French Treasury, and another 20% of reserves to cover financial liabilities.
Says Craig Wisen, CFA charterholder and assistant professor of business administration at UAF's School of Management, "We use a significant amount of CFA material in our courses, and have sent several students down to Anchorage to take Level 1.
CFA is a nonprofit association of 300 consumer groups, representing 50 million people.
CFA does not suggest how one could tell that an adult-sized ATV was bought for a child under 16, since no dealer would likely admit to having sold one for that purpose.
In High Court cases against the government where the CFA has ruled against them, frequent recourse to the NPCSC will undermine the integrity of the CFA.
The CFA designation has been awarded to some 14,500 investment professionals by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (ICFA) in Charlottesville, Virginia, since 1963.
The Turnbull Government is moving swiftly to prevent the integrity and effectiveness of the Victorian CFA from being compromised.
19 -- India - The CFA Institute today announced the launch of CFA Institute Career Guide Asia Pacific, the first comprehensive regional career publication for investment professionals as well as those individuals aspiring to excellence.