contingent deferred sales charge

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Contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC)

The formal name for the load of a back-end load fund.

Contingent Deferred Sales Charge

The formal name for the load in a back-end load fund. A CDSC is the fee paid when a shareholder sells shares in a mutual fund within a certain number of years. That is, when an investor initially buys a share in a back-end load fund, he/she agrees to pay a third party, usually a financial institution or broker, a certain percentage of the share's value if he/she decides to sell it within five to 10 years, depending on the specific nature of the agreement. The CDSC usually declines by the year until the maximum number of years is reached. See also: B-share.

contingent deferred sales charge

A mutual fund redemption fee that is reduced or eliminated for specified holding periods. For example, a fund might charge a 6% redemption fee for a holding period of less than one year, a 5% fee for a holding period of one to two years, and so forth. Mutual funds with a contingent deferred sales charge also generally levy an annual 12b-1 fee.
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It is generally viewed as the birthplace of modern school counseling and guidance (Sink & MacDonald, 1998), and the state of Missouri is credited as being a major contributor to the CDSC movement (Lapan, Gysbers, & Petroski, 2001; Lapan, Gysbers, & Sun, 1997).
Most data collection is performed electronically, through a computerized system that allows laboratory data to be captured at the source, augmented with clinical or risk factor data, and transmitted both centrally to CDSC and locally to the responsible public health professionals.
Those registered representatives, in most cases, misrepresented on Citigroup's electronic order entry system that their customers were entitled to CDSC waivers because they were disabled.
Moreover, effective February 3, 2014, any exchanges into Class A shares will remain subject to the original CDSC schedule associated with the initial purchase of shares that are being exchanged.
Enhanced long-term surveillance and additional cross-checking between the PHLS reference laboratory and CDSC are needed to allow detection of the time trends in disease incidence.
Performance data does not reflect the redemption fee nor CDSC and shares at NAV do not reflect the maximum sales charge.
For example, the higher annual incidence of acute bloody diarrhea in children [is less than] 5 years of age (63 per 100,000, compared with 18 per 100,000 for the entire study population) is reflected in laboratory reports to the CDSC (Wales) during the study period (i.
During the period that the CDSC withdrawal fee is assessed, there is not a big difference between the overall cost of either type of share, putting aside the availability of breakpoints with Class A shares.
Foodborne and other gastrointestinal outbreaks reported to CDSC (NI), Jan-June 2000.
The maximum CDSC for Class C is 1%, which is reduced to 0% after 1 year.
A second problem with using 12b-1 fees to finance CDSCs is that CDSC financing has next to nothing to do with the factors directors are encouraged to weigh in deciding whether to adopt or continue 12b-1 plans.
The Department of Health issued an electronic warning on its NHS-wide electronic Epinet system after the CDSC alerted them to the cases.