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The values of Click2Play (C2P) in my perspective can be twofold: firstly, it creates a new way of interactive advertising as a marketing vehicle; secondly, APP and game developers can take advantage of the trial user's reactions and feedback through test play via C2P to improve their products," said Yuta Tokura, Director of D2C R.
We are honored and exuberant to announce our new milestone, by leveraging our technological strengths underneath cloud-gaming, in the digital advertising arena with C2P.
Nirk, NARCL's executive director, says the C2P portion is likely to become even more prevalent because production builders--who put up entire subdivisions, as opposed to custom builders, who erect one-of-a-kind houses one at a time--are starting to catch on to the advantages this type of financing offers them and their customers.
C2P lending offers numerous benefits for builders and their buyers.
Fully integrated with TenMax's DSP platform, C2P as an advertisement proposition now supports a flexible "time- based" pricing scheme with no limitations.
Powered by Ubitus patented GPU virtualization technology, C2P is already tested to support over 1,000 top ranking Android Apps on the Google Play store.
Working across more than 120 countries, we help companies manage compliance requirements throughout the world via our knowledge management system, C2P, daily alerts, market access and other solutions, enabling them to mitigate risk and focus on growth opportunities.
C&R's Head of Legal Data Services, Sarah-Jane Denton, comments: "We are delighted to have a first-class law firm contributing legal commentary to C2P.
C2P Navigator is intended for users who primarily want to track the impact of global regulations on their product categories and business activities.
Citi Philippines will be issuing a separate credit card statement containing all C2P purchases.
PODIATRx anti-fungal treatment and both Proctozone medications utilize one of IMX's proprietary sciences, C2P Technology(TM), a cream to powder delivery system.
C2P represents major powertrain-related product lines, including Fanuc Robotics, Durr Automation, Toyota Machining, and Schenk Rotec.