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Daily deal sites, such as Groupon, Living-Social, and so-called "flash sale" sites such as HauteLook, Rue La La and Gilt Group, arc fueling c-commerce sales by creating awareness and enticing interest about new products or services by offering one time discounts in order to create trial.
It is an architectural platform that takes c-commerce and ERP and provides greater integration and easier deployment of functionality.
Axa Financial's multimillion dollar c-commerce strategy is paying oft: Last year, 30% of the company's customer self-service financial transactions--including tracking variable account activity--were accomplished online, representing a significant savings to the company over using a call center.
of Norwalk, CT, has been providing c-commerce services to customers and researchers at its web site.
This is achieved by relieving networked Web servers of performing the CPU intensive SSL encryption and decryption calculations associated with c-commerce applications.
Powertrak users will be able to access one vertical solution as well as various add-on modules for marketing, multichannel sales, technical case management, c-commerce, partner portals, call center and native Microsoft Outlook.
In commercial reinsurance terminology, the ultimate aims of c-commerce initiatives are to maximize return on intellectual capital investment, business agility, and the quality of the customer experience.
On an individual company basis, integrating c-commerce into a company website now costs as little as $1000, so if the product offering lends itself to the catalog model, the Internet can become an effective low cost sales tool.
Looking further into the implications of IT development and particularly c-commerce The Miles Group is confident that brokerage will not lose out.
For example, a company whose clientele consists primarily of seniors would be less motivated to engage in c-commerce, because this segment of the population is the least connected to the Internet and the least likely to make online purchases.
2 to launch a kitchen cabinet program "intended to bring c-commerce efficiencies to custom cabinetmakers.
This outlook on the Internet is the foundation of collaborative commerce, also known as c-commerce.