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Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock descriptor specifying that issue is exempt from Nasdaq listing requirements for a temporary period.


1. A symbol appearing next to a stock listed on NASDAQ indicating that the stock is temporarily exempt from listing requirement. All NASDAQ listings use a four-letter abbreviation; if a "C" follows the abbreviation, it indicates that the security being traded is currently exempt.

2. In money market mutual funds, a symbol indicating that the fund is exempt from federal income taxes.

3. In dividends, a symbol, which appears mainly in newspapers, that the dividend is liquidating.


1. Used in the dividend column of stock transaction tables of newspapers to indicate that the listed dividend is a liquidating dividend: City Inv 7.50c.
2. Used in money market mutual fund transaction tables in newspapers to indicate funds that are chiefly or wholly exempt from federal income taxes: Fld Tax Exmpt c.
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