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Verification of inter-class dependencies during the execution of particular bytecode instructions
C# is either compiled entirely to native code, or it is compiled into the common language runtime bytecodes and then just-in-time compiled to native code during execution.
decomposing and storing class hierarchies into a database where each Java class file is stored as precompiled Java bytecode in a database row;
Ultra-compact ORIGIN technology has been used to create ORIGIN-J, a virtual machine that executes true Java bytecode, specifically designed for systems with restricted memory resources, such as smart cards.
This new architecture extension complements Jazelle DBX (Direct Bytecode eXecution) technology, the most widely used hardware acceleration technology in the world.
Speeds up design processes -- Using acceleration technology for fast bytecode modification, GWT Designer opens a design in a couple seconds -- much faster than launching the application in the GWT Hosted Web Browser.
NET(R) and recompiled to Java bytecode experience similar performance gains from network attached processing as applications written directly to the J2EE platform.
Topics to be discussed will include Marrying object orientation and speed; Cool Java technologies, such as NIO and VolatileImage; Taking advantage of optimizations in Java technology's native compiler; Cross-platform issues; Java technology-based bytecode generation and emulator information, such as a runtime-profiling-based optimizing R3000 to bytecode compiler.
This technology uses dynamic bytecode instrumentation to allow for profiling with dramatically lower overhead, giving the ability to obtain results in situations where the use of other profilers becomes unpractical or impossible.
IData 178's combination of reusable Render Engine RSC certification data, HVT automated verification tool, and innovative bytecode database technology significantly reduces cost and schedule associated with developing safety-critical HMI applications while simultaneously enhancing their safety.