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This share buyback will be executed in accordance with the authorisation of the general meeting of 23 March 2017 under which the board may acquire own shares of up to 10% of the capital.
Purchase your new OnePlus device after checking your Buyback details in the page
Here is a look at the buyback that you can get on some popular smartphones.
While stock buybacks help lift the market, shareholders should ask themselves if the price appreciation has been worth the cost in lost capital.
At the Maximum Buyback Price and for Maximum Buyback Size, the indicative maximum number of Equity Shares bought back would be 15,09,090 (Fifteen Lakh Nine Thousand Ninety Only) Equity Shares (Maximum Buyback Shares) (comprising around 2.
The buyback signals a commitment from the company to reflect the true value of the stock and protect it from being further neglected.
Hammond, Leibowitz and Siegel (2015) find that the reduction in long term investment associated with buyback firms is the greatest in the year following the buyback.
Corporations buyback their shares for the purpose to increase earnings per share.
However, a few multinational companies were also in the buyback race.
The buyback further reflects our confidence in San Diego Private Bank's future growth prospects.
com/topics/detail/260/apple-inc/) Apple to allow a stock buyback.
Reliance Industries launched the buyback programme in January to off-set the drop in the value of its share, by proposing to buyback corpus close to Rs.