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Success depends on being able to deliver the information each sell-and buy-side analyst and each portfolio manager needs and demands.
Prior to Auriga, Robert worked as a buy-side analyst at Susquehanna where he researched alternative energy and semiconductor technology stocks.
The buy-side analyst community is a very small, closely knit group of people that sees each other regularly and talks," says TIAA-CREF's Budde.
Hall, she gave me the name of the person to contact at Citicorp--their buy-side analyst Valerie Molter.
One buy-side analyst commented: 'There's definitely more data but I am not sure there's more information.
where she was a buy-side analyst for over 300 tax-exempt credits totaling $1.
In addition to his sell-side experience, Alvin covered the broader technology sector as a buy-side analyst at The Burridge Group and Institutional Capital Corp.
Amos was selected by buy-side analysts as the Best CEO in the insurance sector for the second consecutive year.
It's amazing how little time buy-side analysts and portfolio managers spend evaluating your offering.
The group ranked second in the electric utility industry, according to the survey of buy-side analysts.
Mitchell, managing partner of Mitchell and Company, told "Investor Relations Update" that both sell-side and buy-side analysts look at four "barometers" when making their investment decisions:
Like Solcher, Vializ also was ranked very high (#2) by the surveyed buy-side analysts.