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Concur clients can order business meals, including lunch meetings or dinners at their desk; beverages (including alcohol) deliveries for corporate gifts or office happy hours; groceries for the office kitchen; and even laundry and dry cleaning services for extended business trips.
We all know that public money is better used to subsidise tax-deductible business meals by executives at fancy restaurants.
Former College of DuPage board chairman David Carlin said Breuder picked up the checks at several Waterleaf business meals he attended.
Liz Taylor of Etiquette Principles discussed email and phone etiquette, hosting business meals, dressing appropriately, and effective ways to mingle and engage at social events.
Naked Sushi is now being included in business meals, which led some feminist groups to denounce the women executives of companies that patronise the service.
Timothy Tong, the former commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, allegedly overspent on business meals and gifts, treating mainland Chinese officials while in office.
Generally, breakfasts and lunches are business meals where you launch into business talk quicker than dinners, which are 'socio-business'.
The new job called for many business meals, so Cannata began trying new places each time, and that led to him making it his goal to eat at all the restaurants of New Orleans.
Increasing the deductibility to 80 percent of business meals and entertainment expenses will aid small business owners who use meals to market goods and services, retain customers and attract new business.
The food is mostly sold at farmers' markets but Ben also does functions such as weddings and business meals.
In October, the IRS provided an optional method by which employees and self-employed individuals may compute the amounts deemed paid or incurred for business meals and incidental expenses for which they are not reimbursed.
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