Business failure

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Business failure

A business that has terminated operations with a loss to creditors.

Business Failure

A situation in which a company or other business ceases operations because it is unable to generate sufficient revenue to cover its expenses. For example, if a company is unable to service debt it may file for bankruptcy and stop operating. Business failure is relatively common in the first year or so of operations because the owner is unable to compete for any number of reasons.
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Raised in unrivalled prosperity, we inherit an economy that is still the world's strongest, but is weakened by business failures, stagnant wages, increasing inequality, and deep divisions among OUR OWN people.
His telegraph was then, as it is to-day, a business failure.
One-third of business failures are most likely to occur between October and December, while 1,800 businesses are expected to go into liquidation this year.
ABIRMINGHAM-based business restructuring specialist says a recent fall in construction business failures could mask major concerns ahead for the sector.
At 33,000, business failures ended in 2009 at 46 per cent above their 2008 total.
BUSINESS failures in the North-east have climbed by more than two-fifths so far this year - the highest rate across the UK.
We examine monthly time-series data for the period 1984-1998 and find the interest rate is positively associated with the number of large business failures and negatively associated with the number of small business failures.
A HIGH street spending slowdown has helped fuel another rise in UK business failures.
Many small business failures are blamed on things like lack of working capital, inadequate support from the franchiser and poor location," says Hamilton.
This, coupled with the growth of "lending sharks", had fuelled business failures, which, in the first three quarters of 2002, increased by 7 per cent, compared with the previous year.
SAN FRANCISCO - Investments in venture capital funds plunged 33 percent during last year's final quarter in a retreat spurred by the accelerating pace of Internet business failures.
Similarly, as business profits increase, the rate of business failures can be expected to decrease.

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