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They gave Kim a large bundle of good food and nearly three annas in copper money for the needs of the road, and with many blessings watched the two go southward in the dawn.
If we have all the indifference curves of an individual (his "indifference map"), each one corresponding to a certain level of utility, we can theoretically calculate which bundle of goods that consumer will choose, given his budget and the prices of the goods, in order to maximize his utility.
To illustrate the effect of the change in this article, we apply the provisions of the new revenue standard to a hypothetical contract between a telecommunications company and a customer, in which the company promises to transfer a bundle of goods and services consisting of: (1) a subsidized handset, and (2) a non-cancellable service contract to the customer for fixed consideration.
Indistinct goods or services could be combined with other promised goods or services until the entity identifies a distinct bundle of goods or services, which could result in an entity's accounting for all the goods or services promised in a contract as a single performance obligation.
The authority would be required to maintain two-way convertibility between its money and whatever changeable amount of some redemption medium was actually worth, at current prices, the bundle of goods and services specifying the target price index.
Personal consumption and variations in the proportion that make up the bundle of goods and services for a region make the data difficult to compare.
An optimal consumption bundle is the affordable bundle of goods that makes the consumer the happiest.
This further suggests that schools behave like 'clubs' and where heterogeneity exists in communities, the school system has to offer an increasingly diverse bundle of goods.
As an extra incentive, the family will receive a bundle of goods worth at least pounds 250 from the Ethical Superstore, the leading fair trade, organic and eco-friendly online store.
The second effect is a rather obvious one since the sale of a bundle of goods or services automatically reduces the number of market interactions and the attached transaction costs.
We can say only that a given bundle of goods is preferred to another given bundle, or the other way around, or that the two bundles are indifferent, and the numbers used to express the relation do not matter, provided that higher numbers attach to more preferred bundles.
The survey looked at a bundle of goods including a TV, recordable DVD player and a CD stereo.