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So it wasn't such a leap for us in the initial days of the utility cost increases to negotiate bulk rates for heating oils.
Older bottles of Dalmore single maltscotch are also available at the discounted bulk rate, including the Dalmore 15 Year Old whiskey.
Postage accounts, of course, are limited to Bulk Rate and Periodicals mailings, and they are tied to those postal permits.
A master metering system -- with computerized sub-metering for individual apartments -- will allow the developer to purchase power at bulk rate and pass on savings to tenants.
The community hosts a completely open catalog of music that allows unregistered web visitors to browse and purchase music one song at a time, or join a monthly subscription plan to buy tunes at a reduced bulk rate.
Other companies send these checks out monthly with all their bulk rate mail.
Our ability to secure wholesale bulk rate contracts enables us to offer value-priced vacations to customers from a wide selection of accommodations, destinations, touring and other travel-related products.
Data: Founded 1980; published at least 12x, $195/year, multiple-copy bulk rate available.
Committed to growing BHS and recognizing that the future success of real estate depends heavily on technological advancement, the new owners have installed one of the real estate industry's most sophisticated accounting software systems and insurance certificate tracking systems; a central purchasing department to take advantage of negotiating bulk rate discounts for all purchases made in the management portfolio (which has yielded savings between 20 and 450 percent per item); and have invested over $1 million to date to install the most advanced technology - specifically its proprietary computer listing system called RealPlus.
Going the whole way, an ink-jetted closed face outer mailed First Class can defeat teaser copy, but mailing a blank outer bulk rate believing they'll "have to open to see what's inside" doesn't.
The high-tech Windows-based system will automate certain purchasing and accounting systems and will facilitate the bulk rate purchasing that is expected to save their managed buildings a bundle.
HARRP has partnered with Pioneering to provide a bulk rate purchasing coalition which it will promote to the members of its pool.