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Building Permit

Permission by a local government to build a new construction or renovate an existing one. A building permit helps ensure that the construction will be safe and that it will comply with inspections (and therefore with the building code). It also helps raise revenue for the municipality, since building permits usually require a fee.

building permit

Written permission from local government to proceed with construction, substantial repair,demolition,or sign erection on real property.The permit process serves several purposes:

• Revenue generation through permitting fees
• Early identification of potential problems, such as the need for historical district approvals
• Entry of the project into a tracking system to ensure code compliance through periodic inspections
• Estimation of the anticipated cost of the project, in order to assist local government with analysis of building and development trends
• Initiation of steps that will ultimately ensure all subcontractors have business licenses and correctly report their income for the year

(Developers typically include contingencies in their purchase contracts to allow for difficulties in obtaining building permits. Especially with large projects, which require extensive plan review before issuance of a permit,the permitting process can take many months.)

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This is largely owing to the full support provided by Qatar's supreme authorities of the State and the cooperation of the building permit beneficiaries, including the consultancy offices, government entities and municipalities, Qatar is booming reports.
The building permit system is expected to contribute to the enhancement of system performance, including electronic approval of plans, online payment, and linking with the land registration system, Lusail City projects, management and organisation of meetings, requests for increases in electricity loads, issuance of building completion certificates, and performance evaluation standards, in addition to reviewing the plan notes utilising the Auto View software.
The number of building permits authorized by the municipal authorities and the district administration in July 2014 fell to 449 from 519 in July 2013, recording a decrease of 13.
As compared to the second quarter of 2013 the issued building permits for new residential buildings decreased by 2.
Both New York and New Jersey saw hikes in both single family building permits and foreclosure starts from a year ago.
Wenatchee finished out 2010 with 538 building permits, but Hanson reports that the department received more than 600 building permits in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
An upswing in building permits issued and the resulting construction "would add to permit fee (collections).
7 million in new taxable value to the rolls for properties and improvements that hadn't been reported through building permits, county Assessor Anette Spickard said.
According to the latest Skyline Report, a total of 653 residential building permits were issued in the two-county area during the third quarter of 2007, a 33 percent decline from the third quarter of 2006.
Selectman Mitchell Cohen said he supported the new fees, but said he was concerned that people applying for building permits would get caught off-guard.
SIMI VALLEY -- In a sign that the city is winding down its booming housing development phase, the number of building permits for new homes and apartment units dropped more than 80 percent in 2006 compared with the year before.

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