Budget authority

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Budget authority

Broad responsibility conferred by Congress that empower government agencies to spend federal funds. Congress can specify criteria for the spending of these funds. For example, it may stipulate that a given agency must spend within a specific year, number of years, or any time in the future.

The basic forms of budget authority are; appropriations, authority to borrow, contract authority, and authority to obligate and expend offsetting receipts and collections. The period of time during which Congress makes funds available may be specified as one-year, multiple years or no year. The available amount may be classified as either definite or indefinite; a specific amount or an unspecified amount can be made available. Authority may also be classified as current or permanent. Permanent authority requires no current action by Congress.

Budget Authority

Ability conferred by law upon government organizations to receive and spend the state's money. In the United States, Congress may confer budget authority on federal agencies according to various classifications. They may classify budget authority by the amount available (definite or indefinite), the timing of congressional action (current or permanent), or duration (one-year, multiyear, or no year).
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For a second measure of defense spending, we test the real growth rate of DOD budget authority, where the growth rate is the log difference (multiplied by 100 and deflated with the implicit price deflator with a base year of 2000).
3) The two agencies failed to transmit an appropriate request to Congress, as required under the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act (Stabilization Act), (4) which resulted in the agencies' apportioning and obligating funds without budget authority.
With the National Defense Budget Authority for Financial Year (FY) 1999 being used as a base year, the Budget Authority for FY2000 had a real growth rate of 0.
It is true that the HUD budget authority will increase as a result of legislation enacted several years ago in anticipation of inflation in the cost of housing vouchers.
Not coincidentally, since the advent of GPRA, and the agency linking its planning and budgeting activities, NOAA has seen its enacted budget almost double, from a total budget authority of $1.
The budget authority covers the federal government's potential losses if a loan is not fully repaid.
If an entity does not use all of its budget expenditures in one year, it may be able to carry the unused budget authority over to the next as unexpended appropriations.
A draft document prepared by HUD officials called for sufficient budget authority to be included in the Congressional Budget Office's budget baseline.
They could establish their own personnel classification systems and pay plans and could transfer funds and budget authority internally without prior approval from the governor's office.
Budget authority is simply a credit line granted by Congress--the authority to spend expected tax revenue--it does not mean that the actual cash is on hand.
The cutbacks in military spending have been under way since the mid-1980s, when real budget authority turned down and orders for defense capital goods flattened out.
According to a January 2008 Government Accountability Office report, "Over the 10-year period from fiscal year 1997 through fiscal year 2006, supplemental appropriations provided about $612 billion ($557 billion net of rescissions) in new gross budget authority, a five-fold increase over the previous 10-year period.

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