Budget authority

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Budget authority

Broad responsibility conferred by Congress that empower government agencies to spend federal funds. Congress can specify criteria for the spending of these funds. For example, it may stipulate that a given agency must spend within a specific year, number of years, or any time in the future.

The basic forms of budget authority are; appropriations, authority to borrow, contract authority, and authority to obligate and expend offsetting receipts and collections. The period of time during which Congress makes funds available may be specified as one-year, multiple years or no year. The available amount may be classified as either definite or indefinite; a specific amount or an unspecified amount can be made available. Authority may also be classified as current or permanent. Permanent authority requires no current action by Congress.

Budget Authority

Ability conferred by law upon government organizations to receive and spend the state's money. In the United States, Congress may confer budget authority on federal agencies according to various classifications. They may classify budget authority by the amount available (definite or indefinite), the timing of congressional action (current or permanent), or duration (one-year, multiyear, or no year).
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Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), Global War on Terror (GWOT)), however, are included in the net outlays (and, also in the total budget authority and total amount obligated), but are not included in the base budget positions of the POM, BES, or PB.
The CHIP budget authority is on track to increase to $21.
The provision of budget authority is the key point at which Congress exercises control over federal spending, although the outlay level often receives greater public attention because of its bearing on the deficit.
Before the contract can be let, budget authority is received via an appropriation which is loaded in our accounting system.
The NRC receives 10 percent of its budget authority from the general fund each year to pay for agency activities that do not provide a direct benefit to NRC licensees, such as international assistance and "agreement state" activities.
The president seeks $993 million in statutory budget authority for SBA, a 21% increase over last year.
Specifically, the bill provides nearly $56 billion in budget authority for VA.
Nevertheless, 7 agencies withheld budget authority from 12 programs in anticipation of congressional enactment of the proposals the President made in his letter.
To answer these questions, GAO reviewed federal statutes and regulations, previous GAO and Congressional Research Service reports, data on appropriated funds and other budget authority maintained by the Office of Management and Budget, and other relevant manuals, literature and Web sites.
Excluding user fees, the proposed budget calls for $295 million in additional budget authority appropriations.
Consensus exists, however, and the European Council asked the Czech EU Presidency to 'accelerate contacts with the European Parliament,' the second branch of the budget authority, to obtain an agreement before the end of the legislative period in June.
The European Commission, which on 9 April put forward this proposal to the Budget Authority (European Parliament and Council), hopes that funding will be made quickly available, within the next two to four months.

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