budget line

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Budget Line

An item in a budget. For example, the amount of money a company expects to spend in manager salaries may be listed as a budget line.
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Fig. 19 Budget line. If a consumer has an income of £10 and the price of good X is 50 pence and the price of good Y is £1, he can buy 20 units of X or 10 units of Y, or some combination of both, for example 10 units of X and 5 units of Y The slope of the budget line measures the relative prices of the two goods.

budget line


consumption possibility line

a line showing the alternative combinations of goods that can be purchased by a consumer with a given income facing given prices. See also CONSUMER EQUILIBRIUM, REVEALED PREFERENCE THEORY, PRICE EFFECT.
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6million package to Malawi to support the countrys health sector budget lines and activities.
Plaid Cymru former Culture Minister Alun Ffred Jones, the AM for Arfon, said: "Ministers have clawed back money from the inyear budgets of local authorities, apprenticeships, museums, bus funding and a host of other budget lines.
The awards will help civil society groups in Benin, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania to work with local and national governments to create or increase budget lines for contraceptives.
Those who accepted to participate in Musharaka ended up handing in completely nontransparent budgets with vague and illusive budget lines.
Concurrently, another important challenge in this regard is inadequate resource allocations under different budget lines.
Parliamentary wranglings over individual budget lines meant that the Statistical Service was unable to gather tourism data in March this year (with possibly serious consequences for the measurement of other statistics such as GDP).
Mr Polin said: "We're planning for a 25% cut across our budget lines.
The flight to own label, particularly the stellar growth of budget lines, was high on the agenda at The Grocer's Own-Label Excellence Seminar this week.
States support their screening programs from a variety of sources, including specific budget lines, specific lottery ticket sales, income tax check-off programs and cancer awareness vanity license plate registration fees.
In addition, selectmen tapped a number of budget lines for a complete freeze that they say have not been used or have been used very little.
With the help of Heston Blumenthal (who hasn't been on C4 for almost an entire day now), he'll examine exactly what goes into budget lines and the tricks used to make them look more attractive than they should be.
Maybe there was a Writers Guild member behind the concept or a Screen Actors Guild member as host, but for the most part reality producers have slashed the two most pricey budget lines facing comedy and drama series.