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I think they are really jeopardizing public safety with these budget cuts.
Unfortunately, despite Americans' clear support for music education and participation, budget cuts and shifting priorities have placed those programs in more danger than ever.
MOORPARK - Nursery foreman Ernesto Gomez doesn't know how his company is going to operate when budget cuts slash the resources of the Agricultural Commissioner's Office next month.
At a time when public education is facing massive budget cuts, Staples introduced "Staples Recycle for Education" today, a new program that makes it easy to raise millions of dollars for educators by recycling used inkjet and laser toner cartridges.
System wide budget cuts affecting referral agencies have slowed intakes at the Company's juvenile programs and impacted revenues for 2003.
With more than $1 billion in budget cuts in the LAUSD in three years, board member Jon Lauritzen said he's worried that supply shortages might be artificially created by administrators' conservative budgeting.
Faced with $143 million in budget cuts, Baca announced in March 2003 the planned release of 2,600 low-risk inmates who had served as little as 40 percent of their sentences - saving an estimated $17 million.
The burdens of budget cuts and reduced funding are driving school systems to invest in employee relationship management (ERM) solutions to maximize operational efficiency at minimum cost.
Mall's situation clearly shows how budget cuts are really hurting our students" said NCAE President Sheri Strickland.
Carter, President and CEO of the 119-Member New Jersey Hospital Association on the Federal Budget Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid
Therapists and medical professionals agree that the proposed budget cuts will dramatically affect a family's ability to provide an opportunity for their child to reach their full potential.
Today, we are telling our legislature and our Governor to stop the budget cuts and focus on a responsible state budget.