Budget Constraint

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Budget Constraint

The goods and services an individual is able to purchase over a given period of time at his/her current income. A budget constraint may be represented on a chart according to the following equation:

Pxx + Pyy = m

Px is how much a good costs;

x is the quantity of that good one purchases;

Py is the price of all other goods and services;

y is the quantity of all other goods; and

m is the amount of money one has allocated for consumption.
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As budget constraints force governments to delay major new procurement programs, upgrades of current EW systems will be the larger revenue stream till 2018.
Global Banking News-January 22, 2015--BofA head says security team has no budget constraints
Courthouse in Lakeland will cut back its hours of operation by a half hour due to budget constraints.
In each of these calls, Secretary Hagel expressed his personal commitment to ensuring strong military-to-military relationships even as the United States faces budget constraints and fiscal uncertainty in Washington, D.
Van Taylor, R-Plano, spent much of the session pushing for tighter budget constraints and tax cuts.
Given current budget constraints, the state will have to turn the park back over to the county if there are no changes.
Budget constraints in education and at all levels of government IT spending make the secondary market a primary consideration, but the reasons to source from Network Liquidators go well beyond the opportunity to save between 50 and 90 percent off manufacturers' list prices.
During the two-hour question-and-answer session, moderator and council PTA member Diane Trautman pitched questions from the audience, from the role of parents in children's education to their views on the performing arts center projects at Saugus and Canyon high schools that were postponed because of budget constraints.
National Technical Systems submitted its sampling Work Plan to the DTSC after being informed by EPA representatives that it has been unable to conduct the sampling program at the Santa Clarita facility due to budget constraints.
Antonovich is securing funds to keep six community pools open in the face of tight county budget constraints.
The channel is turning to Network Liquidators for many reasons beyond the budget constraints that have become so prevalent," adds Serra, who recently joined the company from Clearwater, Fla.
1 -- 2 -- color) State budget constraints will keep Nathan Zakheim, shown with a Hollywood mural he restored, from repairing 10 more, such as ``LA Marathon'' along the San Diego Freeway.