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The agency now files everything from its personnel manual to the company memos that were once passed with a buckslip from desk to desk, all either appended to an account or indexed so it can by searched and found, said Diane Booth, vice president of operations.
Of course, the contrary argument for envelope packages is that with the letter, the premium buckslip, etc.
Another company said that they were planning to test variations of their voucher control including the carrier, the offer and buckslip.
A buckslip insert reinstated how much a sponsored child treasures greetings from a sponsor.
By my count, the carrier, the sales letter and a buckslip insert pose more than 60 questions about your dog.
On the marketing side, we were making a seismic change from the early age of sending a sample issue and an order card to the new era of a long, meaty sales letter with an order form, reply envelope and maybe a buckslip describing the free special report premium.
Email Buckslip - automatically sends an electronic confirmation note to both the Web master and advertiser, confirming the successful completion of each new ad.
But about 40 years of collective industry experience in business newsletter marketing inclines me to conclude that a "classic package"--with envelope teaser, mailed business rate, a four-page sales letter, perhaps a premium buckslip, and an order device offering a full-year deal at the best price you can come up with--will work if anything is going to in selling to a particular market.
That would cost from $15,000 to $18,000 depending on whether I added a lift letter or testimonial buckslip.
Include the premium buckslip and/or brochure, guarantee certificate, etc.
The order form or an editorial premium buckslip are two excellent locations.