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REW: What is the customary basis on which a broker can sue in New York State to recover real estate brokerage commissions?
Through Broker XSites, we're now bringing industry-leading technology to real estate brokers nationwide," Lindquist added.
With regard to financial gains, 41% of broker respondents think the advantages go to the employers, and then consumers and financial institutions.
Under the current regulations, brokers must allocate transferred shares between shares of stock (l) the broker borrowed under a securities-lending agreement with the customer (borrowed shares) and (2) held by the broker on behalf of customers who have authorized it to loan their shares to third parties (loanable shares).
Customers linked to one major broker lost the ability to buy or sell for part of a day because of computer troubles at the brokerage.
There's no getting around the fact that in order to buy and sell stock, your club must establish an account with a broker.
If the main broker can't respond, maybe the back-up brokerage is available.
In a typical soft dollar d a broker prepays researh expenses behalf of a money manager in propor to the future trades and trading commissions the manager promises the broker.
If an open order is placed, brokers can track by computer the price of the vehicle and any related transactions.
Hilb Rogal & Hobbs Company (NYSE:HRH), the world's tenth largest insurance and risk management intermediary, announced today that the highly regarded nationally-distributed industry publication Risk & Insurance has named seven HRH brokers as Power Brokers in its February 2007 issue.
John Falco was the sole broker in this transaction.
The law requires insurers to make sure its agents and brokers take appropriate steps to prevent money laundering or terrorist funding.