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Out of the 100 companies surveyed 52 per cent did not have a website and 36 per cent had brochureware sites and only two per cent had websites clearly designed to deliver business benefits.
Even if all your company wants to do is upload some brochureware onto the 'Net, it takes a pro to make it look as good as what your competitors are running.
I have no idea what the quality is like of David Clarke's website, but hopefully it's not just another on-line advertisement or simply brochureware.
According to the survey, two lenders out of 89 have moved beyond brochureware and are actually closing loan applications over the Internet.
There are other lenders that still believe the Internet should be used as brochureware to lure consumers to sites where they get information about the lender and its products, but then use a conventional method such as an in-person visit or telephone calls to complete the process.
MediPrise is a business platform created specifically to enable the branding, messaging, and customer service applications that an enterprise will require of a maturing Web initiative -- one that goes beyond static content -- electronic brochureware -- to interactive applications with real-time data presentation and analysis.