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1. An announcer on radio or television.

2. An advertiser on radio or television.

3. The owner of a radio or television station.
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I believe that broadcasters do have a special place in our society, given that they are stewards of the public airwaves.
Another major promotion this year is the Linder Farm Network "Farm Broadcaster for a Day" on the scene broadcasts.
In addition, the building's owners are bringing more electrical capacity to the top of the building, as well as converting office space on the 77th, 78th and 79th floors into transmission stations, to accommodate the broadcasters.
Meanwhile, one looming problem has not even begun to be addressed: In-the-field tests of television sets equipped with digital tuners suggest that DTV reception--at least under the technical standard digital broadcasters are currently required to use, dubbed 8VSB--is not as reliable as analog broadcast reception.
Japanese broadcasters are spending quite a bit of money in the project.
And the broadcasters know it: television ad rates have risen at roughly twice the rate of inflation over the past two decades, even as audience shares have dwindled.
Critics of the bill explained that it undermines noncommercial broadcasts by allowing religious broadcasters to promote their beliefs under the guise of "educational programming.
In the 1980s, Reagan-era deregulation empowered broadcasters to give up all pretense of serving the public interest and focus exclusively on the bottom line.
The Telecommunications Act also required the FCC, if it decided to allocate the licenses, to give them only to incumbent broadcasters.
To protect minority ownership and program diversity, the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) filed comments against further deregulation with the FCC in January.
Right now, you see, the FCC won't license new stations of less than 100 watts, a policy that reduces room for new broadcasters on the dial.
The FCC's plan shortens the time broadcasters have to switch entirely to digital - from 15 years to nine years, or by 2006.

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