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1. An announcer on radio or television.

2. An advertiser on radio or television.

3. The owner of a radio or television station.
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An Arbitron/Edison Media Research study ("The Infinite Dial: Radio's Digital Platforms") reports that 52 million Americans listened to Internet radio over a one-month period earlier this year; industry observers estimate that about 42 million of those listeners tune in to an estimated 25,000 independent online broadcasters.
There is no membership fee, all broadcasters have to do is share their ideas.
If a broadcaster with the heavy demands of Russia Today has chosen ExaStore as its sole storage solution, we're confident that we can offer the same unique capabilities to other broadcasters as well.
With Broadcaster consumers can easily search, find, preview, download, organize, and share the growing volumes of high quality content available online.
Taking someone who has never been a farm broadcaster and having them read markets and conduct interviews can sound daunting, but it makes for a great radio program.
Broadcasters may also be able to use a loophole in the original deal to push it back themselves.
2 percent of the programs broadcasters were counting as educational were judged to have little or no educational value.
The broadcasters will pay nothing for the exclusive right to use the public airwaves, even though the FCC itself estimated the value of the digital licenses to be worth $20 billion to $70 billion.
There are some issues a white broadcaster is not going to touch, but there are political, economic, and other really sensitive issues to the black community that we are willing to deal with.
The clout that the newspapers and broadcasters exert is the desire of every elected official to have favorable press attention," says Lionel Van Deerlin, who served as a California representative from 1953-81.
This application represents a paradigm shift for online content providers who can now upload content to Broadcaster.
Nonetheless, Morgan does make some disturbing allegations - not so much his claims of interference (the letter lists just two listener complaints, only one of which involves KFOG), but the assertion that Dunifer simply isn't a micro broadcaster at all.

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