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Broadband Access Set to Expand Tremendously in Under-developed Markets
Pannaway delivers customer-proven, broadband access solutions that enable telephone companies to offer new advanced services to their rural subscribers.
What technology will win out in a converged broadband access market?
This advanced broadband access solution is based on ECI's Hi-FOCuS(TM) Multi-Service Access Gateway (MSAG), a high-density, high-end multi-service access gateway that handles thousands of subscriber lines of any type.
Chapter 4 focuses on broadband access technology, beginning with an overview of the Internet and then turning to an examination of individual broadband access technologies and future developments.
In 2006, the UPA will continue to work with global standards bodies; the IEEE, ETSI and other pertinent industry organizations - to establish worldwide standards that enable technological coexistence and interoperability between broadband access and home networking PLC applications.
The new MBR 814 will meet our customer needs for fixed-mobile broadband access for home and office; we are thrilled to have the new device from NETGEAR and Flarion," said Danny McWhorter, vice president of Cellular One of Amarillo.
This enables broadband access devices that handle mixed IPv4/IPv6 traffic to be fully exercised in quality assurance and pre-deployment testing in real-world scenarios.
In June, Pannaway announced the availability of four new members to its award-winning Broadband Access Switch product suite.
Yeong Bong Son, Executive Vice President of Corecess, stated, "Korea is leading the world in terms of broadband access penetration.