Break even

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Break even

The reduction of a project's net cash flow to zero by altering an input variable such as price or costs.

Break Even

1. To make the sales or revenues necessary to cover costs and prevent a firm from operating at a loss. The breakeven may be relatively stable or it may fluctuate, depending on the company or industry. Companies with high breakevens tend to have large fluctuations in earnings from year to year.

2. To sell a security at a price that causes the seller to neither make a profit nor lose money on the sale.
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But you break even on a operating basis in one leap, and that's very important for a hardship increase," explained Margulies.
Tuscarora, like Marko, invested substantially in densifying equipment and hoped to break even on it: five Toronita densifiers; a large custom baler from Selco Products, Inc.
SI) has announced that its consumer banking operations in India will break even by 2016.
Executives are also monitoring the finances of three hospitals - Walsall, Hereford and University Hospital North Staffordshire - whose unsteady accounts are forecasting a break even which could suddenly change due to contracts and saving plans.
The airline has averaged 17 passengers a day through the first half of 2005 but needs about 21 to break even on a flight, according to city officials and Los Angeles World Airports statistics.
By this formula, you would need to sell 100,000 units to break even.
Private sector general insurance provider, SBI General Insurance, has said that it is hoping to break even by FY 15.
But Mr O'Riordan claimed it would not break even in 2007/08 unless the trust received additional funds or cut spending on services.
The proposed $49 million lot would allow parking to be consolidated, eliminating leases and allowing the district to break even in three years, Kendall said.
Third, efforts are being made to increase sales and production to levels at or above break even.
Global Banking News-April 15, 2013--India First to break even by 2015(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Two days before the dance we were sweating to sell 100 tickets to just break even,'' Cathy said.